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Weddings & Elopements December 2020


To the whole team at Crear,
Thank you so much for making our wedding the most relaxed, beautiful and loving day. It was honestly the most perfect wedding we could have asked for. You are all absolutely wonderful at everything you do and have made our families and ourselves feel so welcome. This day has been one of the best of our lives and we will always fondly look back at the beautiful setting where we were married. Thank you all so so so much for all your hard work. You really are the best! Much love x


Laura and Darren, Bangor, married 5th December 2020


A perfect wedding in a perfect location with perfect weather. Our special day was all we had hoped for and much more. Thank you to the amazing team who made our day so special. including Julie coming up with an ink pen at the last minute. We will definitely be coming back to re live such a wonderful occasion and the memories will last a lifetime. 3 years to the day from our first date, we had the most amazing day of our lives celebrating our love for each other. With love and blessings to all who read this!


Dave and Sarah, Buckingham, married 5th December 2020


Thank you to everyone at Crear for making our wee wedding so special!
With love x 


Gemma and Neil, Ayr, married 8th December 2020

C + M 07_websize.jpg

Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special! Had a perfect day in a perfect location! Thank you Iain for your wonderful piping and thank you Martyna and David - we loved our forest adventure! Lots of love x


Christine and Mark, Cleveland, married 10th December 2020


Thank you so much for giving us the most perfect wedding, despite the weather! Agnes was an absolute superstar and the flowers were gorgeous. This is the most beautiful place to get married and our biggest adventure yet. We'll definitely be back!
Love Mr and Mrs Morrison x


Kerri & Paul, Hampshire, married 10th December 2020


Thank you to the whole team for making our 'wee wedding' so special. Everything was perfect from start to finish. Our day was made extra special by the lovely people around us. The ceremony David gave us was heart warming and the church is beautiful. Crear will be forever in our hearts!
Lots of love,
The McAvoys


Lynn & Michael, Scotland, married 12th December 2020


To Cheryl, Agnes and the Crear team, Ashley the photographer and Shona our registrar. Thank you to all for making our wedding day so personal, special and full of memories to treasure! A truly beautiful location- we love the peace and calm!
Best wishes X

Clare & John , Scotland, married 12th December 2020


We couldn't have dreamt of a more perfect wedding day! Who would've thought on 15th December on the west coast of Scotland the weather could be so beautiful, our day was made even more perfect by Iain's romantic piping and Ashley's friendly and fun approach to photography- capturing the raw emotion of a day we will treasure forever. Thank you Crear for helping us to stick two fingers up to Covid! Congrats to all Crear couples past, present and future! X


Laura & Jennifer, Somerset, married 15 December 2020


To all the fabulous tea at Crear and beyond (Agnes, Julie, Ashley, Bart, Iain) thank you so much for a lovely, happy, amazing day. The weather held (just!) and Annie touched our hearts. Buddie and Lottie had great time- especially loving Iain and his bagpipes! Having had to rearrange twice already it is great that 2020 is ending on such positive happy note. What a magical place this is.

Susan & Jane, Warwick, married 15th December 2020


A huge thank you to all- a fantastic venue, fabulous setting and wonderfully friendly team which made for wonderful time!
With love X


Jo & Daniel, Buckinghamshire, married 17th December 2020


Drama, drama, drama! From sunshine to hail to rain into sun-drenched double rainbow finale our day was made even more memorable by Iain piping 'The Gael' from Last of the Mohicans. 
Good luck to whoever is next!
Mr and Mrs Stevenson


Louise & Mark, Surrey, married 19th December 2020


To all the team at Crear.
Thank you for making the most special day of our lives even more special. Julie, Agnes, Alan, Iain and everyone else you are all amazing!
Crear will forever be in our hearts!
Loads of love,
Samuels x


Victoria & Owen, Wales, married 22nd December 2020


That will it/won't it wedding! We are so pleased it did happen despite everything going on. Thank you for our perfect day and the glorious stay- we don't want to leave!
Take care X


Nicola & John, Norfolk, married 24th December 2020


Our day could not have been more romantic and we could not have done it without you. Despite everything, love wins! We cannot wait to come back already to this incredible place. To everyone... Thank you so much!
With all our love x


Kirsty & Martin, Saffrom Walden, married 24th December 2020

Ashley & Steven preview-7.jpg

The perfect wedding in the most perfect place. Kate, Julie, Agnes, Cheryl, Iain, Gavin, Lorna and the rest of the team! You have all made our dreams come true. Love finds a way, always! Thank you for everything! X

Jill & Chris Preview-10.jpg

Not so much the "will we- won't we", but the "can we- cant we" wedding. Well, what a perfect day! We came , hoping for much and expecting little, we were rewarded with it all! The weather , the people, the place... perfect!
Thank you to everyone for making it such a wonderful day!


Jill and Chris, Cheshire, married 29th December 2020

Stephanie & Sean-1 (1).jpg

Short and sweet way to end a year of hell! Thank you for a beautiful wedding! Hope to be back for round 2 soon!
Lots of love, The Raeburns X


Stephanie & Sean, Scotland, married 31st December 2020

Hannah & Louis preview-2.jpg

Thank you to all at Crear for helping us to get married in the most beautiful place. It has been magical and we are so glad we did it our way in the amazing Crear! We will never forget the little touches and surroundings that made our day extra special. We would also like to thank Gavin and Iain for putting us at ease, I will never forget hearing "wheels on the bus" played on bagpipes for our typical unruly toddler- above and beyond!
We are sorry to leave- all the best for 2021!


Hannah and Louis, St Helens, married 31st December 2020

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