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October Reviews & Thank yous!
Louise & Sandy

The happiest day of our lives made possible by the wonderful tea, at Wee Weddings. A special thanks to Agnes, our piper Iain and photographer Bart, who braved the breeze on the beach to give us memories of our wedding on the unforgettable and magical Crear coastline. Thanks for making it a very special day. xx

Louise & Sandy, from York, married on 3 October 2019

SJ & Jamie

To the amazing team at Crear,
Thank you so much for making our special day everything we had dreamt of and more! It really was the best day of our lives and we have you all to thank you for that. Crear is a dream venue and the staff are a dream too! The views, the food, the location, even the weather made this day unforgettable. We will never forget this day and it was made so special because of the incredible staff! You are all magical! Best day EVER!

Sara Jane & Jamie, from Glasgow, married on 5 October 2019

Lisa Marie & Craig

Thank you for creating the most perfect wedding! From the location to the rooms to the views to the food to the piper to the guns to the fireworks... the memories... Unforgettable!

Lisa Marie & Craig, from Bradford, married on 8 October 2019 

Charlie & Chris

Thank you so much for everything, you made our day so easy and relaxing. We had the most perfect day, everyone was lovely and very helpful. It was better than we imagined and we can't thank you enough! Also, my flowers were so beautiful!

Charlie & Chris, from Derbyshire, married on 10 October 2019

Thank you for the most wonderful weekend, it really has been the wedding of our dreams! From the moment we first came to Crear, we fell in love with the landscape, the venue and all of you. From the planning stages, right the way through to the beautiful wedding day, everything was just a breeze and went so smoothly. And the weather! We can't believe our luck, it was absolutely perfect! Everyone had such a great time and we have you to thank for that. Thank you for all your hard work and for being such an awesome bunch of lovely humans. Crear really is such a special, magical place and we will cherish our memories here forever. 

Jenny & David, from Hampshire, on 12 October 2019 

Rose & Andrew

We had a truly perfect day, Crear is magical! We couldn't be happier! We stood under blue skies, sun on our faces and our vows were carried off on the wind. The best spot on earth to begin our marriage!

Rose & Andrew, from Manchester, married on 15 October 2019

Skye & Dougie

Thank you Crear team for the most perfect wedding we could have hoped for!

Skye & Dougie, from Largs, married on 15 October 2019

Thank you for the most epic wedding we could have wished for!

Heather & Timothy, from Edinburgh, married on 19 October 2019

Gail & Iain

We had a dream which started with a "secret" St Kilda proposal and led to the most perfect "Wee Wedding" you could have ever wish for on the beach here at Crear. The team and the welcome have been amazing! Thank you and much love to all the team at Crear and extra special thanks to the lovely Agnes, Bart, Iain and Louise who made me look beautiful!

Gail & Iain, from Lochgoilhead, married on 22 October 2019

Charlotte & Andrew

We had a wonderful time at Crear and a dramatically windy wedding by the sea. Thanks to Crear team, our witnesses (including sheep), Njord (for the waves) and Campbell.

Charlotte & Andrew, from Cambridge, married on 22 October 2019

Stephanie & Charlotte

Thank you so much for making our "wee wedding" so special. The team were fabulous, with no stress and very efficient and friendly. We love the house, so big yet so cosy too! The views made our day even more spectacular. Many thanks to all involved.

Steph & Charlotte, from Ballater, married on 24 October 2019

Lynne & Peter

We came expecting a beautiful time but our expectations were totally exceeded- you feel it is the only wedding they care about- Iain, Bart and David all shone- Iain piping in a gale, Bart leaping over the rocks to get the right angle and David making everything so personal. We could not have enjoyed the experience more- a fabulous way to start a marriage and to continue our journey together.

Lynne & Peter, from Kirknewton, married on 24 October 2019

Liz & John

Thank you for fantastic wedding fun, friendly and relaxed with an epic background. Iain and Bart made it great!

Liz and John, from Epsom, married 26 October 2019

Petra & Christine

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