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Charlotte & Jeff

Thank you so much for a fantastic day! Everything was perfect, we couldn't have asked for anything else. After travelling through some horrendous weather we were so lucky to have the sun on our special day. Your piper is a true gentleman, we loved him! This house is fantastic, we don't want to leave! You really have the perfect setting. Thank you all again everyone has been so friendly from beginning to end!

Charlotte & Jeff, from Wales, married on 1 August 2019

Michelle & Philip

Thank you so much to all the team at Crear. We had the most special wee wedding in the most magical place. We wouldn't have dreamed of anything better. And to top it off the sun shined for us. Massive thank you to everyone!

Michelle & Philip, from Lanark, married on 1 August 2019

Thank you to everyone at Crear for the most incredible wedding day! It truly was the most emotional and wonderful day of our lives. Both of us are naturally stressy people but from the moment we dropped you a line the whole planning process was more relaxed than we could have possibly have hoped for. Thank you for giving us our perfect day at Crear with everyone we love. 

Sarah & Joe, from Manchester, married on 2 August 2019

Breeann and Scott

The most amazing day of our lives.
Thank you.

Bree & Scott, from Canada, married on 6 August 2019

Emma & Sandie

Thank you so much to Iain and Bart for being such lovely witnesses and to Keiran for welcoming us so warmly. Also to the rest of the team for taking such good care of us! We could not have had a better day. Everything exceeded our expectations including the weather. Crear is a very special place.

Emma & Sandie, from Hertfordshire, married on 8 August 2019

Sylvia and Kirk

We had the most amazing experience here at Crear. We had a small wedding with 10 guests, some of which said it was the most memorable wedding they've been to. Coming from Los Angeles, CA, the grass, sheep, rolling hills, beach and history of the property was really like nothing we had experienced. Keiran and the staff were absolutely perfect! Bill the photographer and Iain the piper took it over the top. This experience has been even better than we imagined. Thanks for everything!

Sylvia & Kirk, from Los Angeles, California, married on 8 August 2019

To Julie, Keiran, Agnes and all the wonderful team at Crear!
Thank you so much for everything you've done to make our wedding weekend run so smoothly and stress-free. We've loved every second at this most amazing house in this most stunning Scottish location. It will always have the most special place in our hearts. Our guests came from all over the world to celebrate and we are so glad we got to show them Scotland at it's very best. Even the sun turned out for the occasion!
Thank you again!

Martiena & Mike, from London, married on 10 August 2019

Tracey and Barry
Heather and Issac

Thank you very much to everyone at Crear. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. The whole team helped make our day so special. We couldn't have hoped for any more.
Thank you!

Heather & Isaac, from North Ayrshire, married on 13 August 2019 

Nicola & Darryl and Angela & Brian

Our double Wee Wedding was out of this world! Thank you so much for making our stay petfect! Iain, Bill and Bart were absolute legends- Bill jumping into sea to take our photos was true commitment. As our wedding was a secret, we now can't wait to head home and tell everyone our wonderful news. Thanks a million and we will all definitely be back!

Nicola & Darryl and Angela & Brian, from Alloa, married on 13 August 2019

Karen & Charles

Thank you for making our day so wonderful. A magical venue that will have a special place in our hearts, memories that will live forever!

Karen and Charles, from Hamilton, married on 15 August 2019

Mandy and Craig

After arriving on Friday in torrential rain confidence was low for a dry wedding day, but the weather was bright, sunny and windy. We couldn't have asked for a better day for our wee wedding, it was stress-free from start to finish. Thanks must go to Bill who sacrificed his shoes and trousers in the sea for the perfect photo and to Iain for piping us down to the beach, for Julie for making sure all was okay for our stay at the cottage and for Lorna for the lovely service. We both love Scotland and love being by the sea, a wee wedding at Crear was the dream and we lived it! Wonderful!

Mandy and Craig, from the West Midlands, married on 17 August 2019

Dear Julie, Keiran and the whole Crear team,
Thank you so much for helping ensure our wedding day was all we'd dreamt of and more. The service was completely seamless, the food incredible - which all our guests praised - and the venue as a whole an absolute dream. The setting and scenery alone would make for an ideal venue but the quality and the uniqueness of the decor and set up of Crear takes it to another level and we couldn't have been more delighted with it. We're overjoyed to be a part of the extended Crear family - it'll be in our hearts forever and we can't wait to return.

Katy & David, from Pitlochry, married on 18 August 2019

Patricia & Philip

The warm hospitality and support of Agnes, Iain, Bill and David on our special day truly made our wedding memorable and an occasion we will keep in our hearts for a lifetime.
Thank you Crear.

Patricia & Phil, from California, USA, married on 20 August 2019

Joni and Christopher

Thank you to everyone at Crear for a fabulous wedding! Bill, Agnes, John and Shona, thank you for everything you did for us and for enduring the rain!

Joni & Chris, from Glasgow, married on 22 August 2019

Morgan and Gordon

Thank you to the entire Crear team for the most magical time for our special day. Everyone had an amazing day. We were spared by the rain and the wind made made for the most dramatic photographs. Thank you Bill for capturing our special moments and Iain for the amazing piping. It was such wonderful time!

Morgan & Gordon, from Kent, married on 22 August 2019

We have had the most fantastic weekend at Crear! It has been an absolute dream and so much of that is down to the amazing staff here. Everything was just perfect. And even when it wasn't ie when my veil being blown away, it only added to the laid back funny vibe we wanted. Crear is so special plus we feel so lucky to have these memories. Thank you everyone!

Sian and Jonny, from Kirkcaldy, married on 24 August 2019 

Samantha & Paul

Thank you for the warm hospitality and the support you all kindly gave us. Thank you Keiran for your warm welcome! Amazing three days spent in the lovely cottage and the beautiful surroundings! Special thank you to Louise, Lorna and amazing Bill and Iain for looking after us on the beach.

Samantha & Paul, from Leeds, married on 24 August 2019

Maria and Michael

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
What can we say about such an amazing relaxed place called Crear? Can't thank the team enough for helping to make our day with a small group of our special family so awesome!

Maria & Michael, from Perth, Australia, married on 27 August 2019

Samantha & Philip

Thank you for a very special day. Many thanks to Iain, Bill and Julie for memories and photographs!

Samantha & Philip, from West Lothian, married on 27 August 2019

Emily and Zach

Thank you for the most amazing wedding, allowing us to say our vows outside in the amazing scenery in the wind and pouring rain. The day was all about our love for each other and for that we can not thank you enough!

Emiy & Zachary, from Leeds, married on 29 August 2019

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