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New Year at Crear & Caisealrag, January 2016


We've returned to the lovely cottage to revisit the beach on which we were married exactly 5 years ago and to explore the parts of Kintyre we never got round to seeing then . It's been a week of wildlife , weather and relaxation , those armchairs are so comfy ! We've also scouted out a few cycle circuits to try in spring! Many thanks to all the team for the very generous hospitality !

Daz & Vic, married 19 January 2011, returning to celebrate their fifth anniversary 2016

Whatever the weather, better together!!

Jen & Mike, Cumbria, married 26 January 2016



Adventure of a lifetime. On the 27th January 2016 John Joyce married Amanda Moore,In front of the wooden heart, The secret marriage, Was witnessed by the piper & photographer, Hands were bound to symbol hearts entwined, In the words of Braveheart, I will love you the whole of my life, You and no other.

Amanda & John, Paisley, married in the cottage 27 January 2016


January Flowers

Beautiful blooms for the New Year

January Journal

January 2016 in Pictures

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