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Happy couples staying at Crear and Caisealrag March 2014

Thank you so much for the happiest, most beautiful weekend of our lives. We've waited 10yrs to get married and this weekend made it all worth while. From nearly being blown into the sea to falling twice in the mud to the ceremony, it made it all the more perfect. Things get messy but you go with it. Laugh and be happy that you have a partner to pick you up when you fall. I can't imagine a more wonderful wedding day!
The cottage and staff were exceptional. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality.
We will remember this weekend forever.

Rochelle & Marc, Providence Village, Texas, married 08 March 2014

We both had the most magical wedding, thank you all so much, from both of us and all our friends and family too.

The perfect setting for "The Florist & The Fiddler"

Di & David, Glasgow, married 11 March 2014

What howling wind? What rain? What mist?
This has been just magical.
Thank you for helping to make it so.

Archie & Helena, Buchlyvie, married 15 March 2014

John and Claire married for love and fell in love with Crear.
We will be back!
Thank you to all the staff at Crear for making our day so utterly perfect.

John & Claire, Fareham, married 19 March 2014

Thanks for a wonderful weekend, everyone had a fantastic time. You even sorted the weather for us.

Ann & Allistair, Glasgow. married 22 March 2014

Thank you all so much for a truly amazing day! Crear is simply a beautiful and magical place. We look forward to many future visits and particularly the beach where we married!

Chris & Hattie, West Yorkshire, married 25 March 2014

Rochelle & Marc
Helena & Archie

Diane & David

A Sugar 8 Film

Diane & David

A Sugar 8 Film

Diane & David

The Florist & the Fiddler on Love My Dress

Diane & David 2

A Sugar 8 Film

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