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Big Weddings & Wee Weddings at Crear & Caisealrag Cottage September 2013

Big thanks to everyone at Crear for making our wee wedding so special!!!
Despite the weather starting out horrid, it turned into a lovely day. From the wellies to the umbrellas and the many other things you did for us, it meant that our day was everything we wanted it to be.
Absolutely stunning location, so peaceful and relaxing!!!

Carrie & Aidan, Stockport, married 06 September 2013

Thank you so much for making our wedding so magical. You really made everything seem effortless, but we know how hard you worked behind the scenes! We couldn't have chosen a more perfect location.

Ailsa & David, Perth, married 09 September 2013

Had the most wonderful wedding at Crear, thanks to the perfect location, most helpful staff and the company of family and friends. Could not have dreamt of a better wedding day and we will cherish this memory forever!

Sharon & Des, Kilbarchan, married 10 September 2013

Angela & Damien

A big thank you to all at Crear!

We are so glad that we found this special place. absolutely everything was perfect, we even managed to convince the sun to come out. We would recommend this place to anybody who is looking for peace, tranquility and a special place to hold a wee wedding.
All that remains for us now is to go home and tell everyone all about our special day!

Angela & Damian, Halesowen, married 14 September 2013

Olivia & Ed

Thank you very much for a lovely time and helping us make it to the beach for the ceremony. Without the rain, we wouldn't have had the rainbow.
The week was made even more special by William learning to roll here, many thanks again for the extra blanket for him to practise his new skill!!

Ed, Olivia & William, Twickenham, married 18 September 2013

When you plan your wedding you dream of the most perfect day. When travelling across the world for your wedding you hope for everything to be as you dreamed but you are really not sure exactly how it will turn out.
We drove to Crear for our secret wee wedding not sure what to expect. When we met Jean and found this amazing cottage all of our hopes were answered and more. Without Jean, this weekend would not have been so special, she made everything perfect for us. She really showed true Scottish hospitality. We are so lucky to have found Crear. The landscape, setting and this little cottage was beyond our expectations. We had planned a very small intimate wedding ceremony in secret. It was just about us and our love for each other. This is exactly what we got.
We will go back to Australia with so many wonderful memories. Thanks Crear.

Jay and Rachael, Queensland, Australia, married 21 September 2013

Rachael & Jay
Catherine & Keith


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