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Crear & Cailsealrag guest book entries from May 2013

Thank you so much for giving us the perfect wedding day. Everything was wonderful.
Amazing food, amazing staff, amazing views, amazing photos and all round amazing wedding!
So happy to be married here there is no place like it!

Claire & Ally, Ayrshire, married 04 May 2013

A big thank you to all at Wee weddings for a lovely stay and a beautiful little wedding (despite the weather!)

Claudia & Thomas, Puteaux, France, married 09 May 2013

The black clouds descended, the rain poured down but nothing could spoil our very special day. It was the rain, the mud and the wind that made it so unique.
But the real reason it was the best wedding day ever was the people who helped us.
A big thank you!!!

Pete and Jane, Surrey, married 12 May 2013

He's the cream to my coffee,
I'm the ying to his yang,
Our wee wedding was the icing on the cake.

We had the best day ever!

James & Amanda, Aberdeen, married 14 May 2013

We have had the most fantastic weekend. Crear is truly a unique place. The staff were amazing, thank you for all your support and help over the last few months and on the day. The food was outstanding and the flowers spectacular. Crear was our ideal wedding venue and we are so happy to have been married here. We cannot thank you all enough.

Rhona & Chris, Glasgow, married 18 May 2013

Sometimes dreams come true,

Ours did ..... stress free, gentle beach wedding, fireworks & fire. Great food, great company. The greatest love

Gem & Nige, married 19 May 2013

Welcome to the "cottage". WE hope your day will be as special, stress-free and sunny as our was. I never thought wellies and wedding dresses would work, but they do. Many thanks to Lorna, Jo and Craig for making it all happen.

Nicola and Graham with wee Charlie, London, married 21 May 2013

We had the most wonderful time here at Crear with our special friends. we spent our wedding day walking our dogs in the hills before getting married on the beach. It was perfect. we could not have asked for anywhere else to have made the whole event even better. Thank you so much for giving us the best wedding in the world.

Sarah & Andy, Sheffield, married 21 May 2013

It was a perfect wedding weekend - we had the most wonderful time here at Crear. We find it hard to imagine anything better! Even the weather was perfect!
Thanks to the amazing staff who ensured everything ran smoothly, they were so, so helpful. The flowers were wonderful and the cake delicious.
This is a very special place. Thank you all so much for making our wedding weekend absolutely fabulous!

Cara & Greg, Canoustie, married 25 May 2013

Thank you so much to everyone at Crear. We can't find the words to express Just how insanely beautiful it is here. What a stunning location. we had a truly perfect day. we will treasure this happy day forever. We could never have dreamed of such am amazing wedding becoming reality.

Ed & Zoe, Slough, married 28 May 2013

Claire & Alistair
Claudia & Thomas
Jane & Peter
Rhona & Chris
Zoe & Edward
Nicola & Graeme


W699 Claire Brown & Alistair Duff

WW716 James Marley & Amanda Rees

W722 Rhona Macalister & Chris Bythell

WW764 Gemma Thomson & Nigel Blackburn

Sarah Hoyle & Andy Wilson (WW801)

Cara McCluskey & Greg Findlay (W661)

WW792 Zoe Gibbs & Edward Keating



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