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July 2013 at Crear & Caisealrag Cottage

We love Crear!

What an amazing weekend from start to finish. There is something so magical about this place. A special thank you to all the staff at Crear who were the best! So friendly, attentive and thoughtful. There is no other place on earth I would rather tie the knot.

Kate & Aidan, Isle of Bute, married 06 July 2013

Our expectations have been completely exceeded and we can't thank everyone enough. we have been blessed with 3 days of fabulous weather which has been the icing on the cake. Crear will now hold a special place in our hearts as we have made memories here together with our wonderful family and friends that we will treasure forever!

Emma & Iain, Kilmarnock, married 09 July 2013

Words cannot express our gratitude for the love and support that you have given us to make our wedding day so memorable. You created an atmosphere of such beauty, simplicity and serenity. Thank you so much. what you are doing here is magical....please keep the magic will be in our hearts forever.

Alia & Ventura, Jerusalem, married 15 july 2013

Thank you for looking after us so well during our wedding week at Crear. we had a wonderfully, romantic time, managed to keep it calm with help and advice at the right times. We leave with feelings of great warmth and affection towards Crear, the place and the people. The memories forged here will stay with us forever.

Andrew & Lynn, Airdrie, married 16 July 2013

Thank you for an amazing, magical & peaceful stay.

Helen & Brent, Hove, married 17 July 2013

Glorious weather on 20th July for a beach wedding - a wee wedding for just us two!
Iain the piper made the occasion extra special, along with the picnic on the beach, a memorable time that will stay with us.
Thank you.

Sarah & Danny, Cirenchester, married 20 July 2013

Perfect place, perfect weather, perfect people, perfect day!

Claire & Peter, Darlington, married 24 July 2013

We got married in our dreams and Crear exists in our dreams. We thank you so much for everything you did for us. Staying at Crear was as special as getting married.
Let this dream continue....

Recep & Serap, Sheffield, married 24 July 2013

Thank you so much for our fantastic wedding weekend. Crear is a magical place and we could not have dreamed of a better wedding. You all worked so hard, not only to realise our ambitions but to exceed them. It really was a privilege to get married here.

Jessica & Nicky, London, married 27 July 2013

For helping us get here, for your endless positivity, for being there when needed, for being flexible, for creating this gorgeous place, for letting us be one of the lucky couples to get married here, for everything,
we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
What you do here is so important.

Emma & Masha, Moscow, married 31 July 2013


Nicola & Doug
Emma & Iain


W711 Nicola Cairns & Douglas Grant

W670 Emma Smith & Iain Fulton

W774 Alia El-Yassir & Ventura Formicone

WW786 Helen Reynolds & Brent Duder-Findlay

W717 Andrew Morgan & Lynn Baxter

WW817 Sarah Watts & Danny Corgan

WW768 Claire Sheppard & Peter Pringle

WW807 Recep Demir & Serap Dinc

W7060 Jessica Gale & Nicky Brennan

WW768 Lucy Rozee & Gareth Goddard

W788 Emma Foster & Maria Vinogradova-Frank

Lynn & Andrew
Helen & Brent
Sarah &v Danny
Lucy & Gareth

Kate & Aiden

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