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Angela & Ryan from Manchester

If you believe in LOVE at first sight, listen to Ryan's story ....

Funnily enough we met on Facebook. I was recently single and a friend suggested I have a look through her friend list!!! And I can honestly say it was love at first sight.

Asking her was the easy part after that. I simply went home, got on one knee and asked her J 

We had been talking about getting engaged for a while and even bought the ring. Angela had left me to decide on the time, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise. Being old fashioned though, I had to go and ask her Dad for permission first. So one day I was passing her parents house, and decided now was the time. Stopped at the house and her Dad had some friends around. I had already decided to ask so I did. 

Having both been married before, we didn’t want to do the whole big wedding thing

We originally wanted to go to Northern Ireland to get married. We wanted a small wedding. Having fallen in love with Scotland during our numerous visits, we decided to look at remote and small wedding locations in Scotland. And searching the internet as most people do, we found Crear wee weddings. So decided to book a weekend in Lochgilphead and scope the location out. As soon as we got in the area we had pretty much made our minds up.

We couldn’t find Crear when we went, but it is a testament to the beauty of the location that without even knowing exactly where the location was we decided that it was the perfect location for us. 

We wanted a relaxed and peaceful Wee Wedding. We had the usual headache with paperwork and so on, but everyone at Wee Weddings helped out so much that we didn’t really have to do too much. 

Without wanting to be too cliché the day was exactly like we would have wanted.

Everything seemed to fall into place perfectly. The weather held up, the wind died down enough to not be a nuisance and we where the only people on the beach. What more could we have asked for? 

Words of advice from Angela and Ryan ..

Just do it! If you are looking for a remote, personal and romantic rural wedding location, then Crear is the place for it. 




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