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Perfect - a location remote enough to fox the most determined relative.
The skies cleared just in time for our ceremony on the beach.
Divine intervention?
Thank you so much for all the care and attention.

Debbie & Gary, London, married 03 October 2012

For some, this is the 'end of the world'... for those who came from Australia, Portugal, Venezuela and all over the UK, this truly might be the spot where all winds come together to turn all tornados and hurricanes into a breeze of fresh hope, illusion, love and yes...for the two of them 'marriage.' Surrounded by dramatic, picturebook scenery, Lili and Peter promised eternal love, in between cheers of happiness and ceilidh laughter into the night and wake as husband and wife. We were blessed with witnessing this in such a beautiful spot and are truly thankful!

Lili & Peter, Loanhead, married 06 October 2012

Our Wonderful Wee Wedding!!!

How can we sum up such an amazing weekend?
We both wanted an intimate wedding in a great location and we got that and much more. Caisealrag Cottage is a true Scottish gem of a place...
We wish to thank the Crear team, thank you for helping us plan and making our wedding day so special.

Sean & Lucy & Cooper the shaggy dog, Staffordshire, married 13 October 2012

A wee wedding at our own pace, no stress or anxiety!
A stunning place to exchange and proclaim your love to your wife to be. Many thanks to the crew here at Crear, that made our wee wedding so memorable and special.

Alison & Mark, Durham, married 20 October 2012

You are amazing and you have made the start to our married life very special. we have had the most fantastic time at Crear, we have truly fallen in love with the place. The food, the atmosphere, the surroundings... truly perfect.
Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

Michael & Carol, County Durham, married 28 October 2012

We have had a lovely wedding and everything was perfect including the weather. A big thank you for being our witnesses but also for making our wedding a memorable event and stress free.

Melvyn & Shirley, Netherburn, married 24 October 2012

Its hard to put into words the beauty we have been a part of since we first found this special part of the world. Its easy to look around and in both the glorious sunshine and tempestous storms see the beauty of the landscape. But look deeper into the smiles of the people who live around here, and of the people who have been such an intrinsic part of our marriage who work here, and you will see real beauty. To share such an experience with strangers and to leave holding them in your hearts and souls as we have is to be truly blessed. So if you are reading this know that you are amongst some very special people and yes in a very special place and that we hope you too will feel love and God’s blessings as we have. If this is the start of our married life, then that start has been perfect. Thank you all …. you will be in our hearts always.

Michael & Carol, Lanchester, Co Durham, married 27 October 2012

Alice & Darren
Shirley & Melvin


WW724 Debbie Ward & Gary Noakes

W607 Lili Rodner & Peter Musgrave

W689 Abi Watts & Will Stark

WW694 Lucy Tabbron & Sean Norwood

WW691 Alice Bradshaw & Darren Derbyshire - pic but no words

WW719 Alison Curtis & Mark Bielok

WW729 Shirley Miller & Melvyn Randall

WW713 Michael Holgate & Carol Mian - words no pics

WW721 Lucy Wall & Simon Love

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