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Marriages in March at Crear Weddings 2011


Tim & Lucy

Thank you for a truly fabulous wedding, it was everything we wanted and so much more.
Wild and windswept, waves rolling and sheep as guests, a perfect day with memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Our adventure has just begun.

Harriet & Samuel, Suffolk, married 08 March 2011

You really have exceeded all of our expectations for what we knew was going to be the best day of our lives. All of the staff have been fantastic. We honestly can't thank you enough. We hope to be able to come back soon.

Steve & Kate, London, married 12 March 2011

There is one word that describes Crear and that is perfection.
From the minute we set foot inside we felt at peace. There are no words to describe the serenity and beauty of this wonderful place. The views are stunning, a memory that will stay with us. A privilege  to have stayed at such an amazing place.

Karen & Bob, Singapore, wedding 12 March 2011

Thank you for providing the perfect setting for our blessed event.
Peace, serenity and love.

Jill & Chris, Maryland, married 16 March 2011

To everyone at Crear
What a wonderful place!
What wonderful people!
What an amazing setting!
What an amazing wedding!
Our relaxed wedding weekend was everything we could have wished for and more.
There is one problem...we don't want to leave!

Tim & Lucy, Leeds, married 19 March 2011


To all involved in making our wedding simply perfect, we extend our thanks and appreciation.
To those who come after us and continue to enjoy this most special of venues and occasions, may your memories burn bright and long. We are sure ours will endure a lifetime.

Fair winds and calm seas to all those who set sail from here.

Vicki & Stewart, married 26 March 2011

The sun shone on our wedding day.
A wonderfully, intimate ceremony.
Sad to go.

Corinne & Carl, Aberdeen, married 29 March 2011

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