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Adam & Conor

Adam & Conor's love of flowers & food with a passion for detail fuelling hours spent searching Etsy, Gumtree, Preloved & Pinterest  to name a few, paid off BIG time when all their ideas came together at Crear for their beautiful Spring Humanist Wedding 


We wanted a blank canvas to create a specific look for our wedding.  We had the idea of making a whole weekend of the wedding and started the search for a place that had great views, accommodation nearby or onsite and had a space that could be transformed into something unique for us.  We wanted to create a very specific look with flowers and branches to bring the outdoors inside and have all of our tables connected - as we didn’t want lots of smaller tables for our guests as in a typical wedding layout.  When we arrived at Crear, we knew instantly that the venue was for us - it had every component we had been looking for and more!  The team wanted to know what was important to us and from that moment on it was a real team approach to designing the wedding of our dreams.

We felt really comfortable with the Crear team all the way through the planning process.  We had high expectations!  We knew that the team were ready and would do a great job in looking after our guests, but everyone totally blew us away with how much care and attention went in to making sure our day was the best it could be.  Mark Upton at Blooming Wild Crear Flowers did an incredible job on the flowers and truly bringing the outside “in".


There were so many things that made our day special… Having our family around us at Crear was amazing.  I don’t think we had really thought too much about how special it would have been to have our family stay with us and be involved in the setting up, the chilling out, the getting ready, the after party (!) the following day etc… having them around us created space for us to create so many memories that we will all remember forever - and that is one of the most wonderful things about Crear.

 The space itself - Crear gave us a space that was exactly what we were looking for.  Originally, we had wanted to have the wedding at home as we live in the countryside, high up in the hills looking out over the Isle of Arran - it is beautiful, but had the big downside of us having to bring literally everything onsite, which would have been a real pain.  Instead we started to look for places that had accommodation onsite, had amazing views, had a blank canvas for our ceremony and would be big enough (and intimate enough) for all of our guests.  The space gave us literally everything we had been looking for - and then on top of that the Crear team were a massive bonus - they are just so brilliant.  

Almost every one of our guests said that our wedding was by far the best they had ever been to.  A lot said that it didn’t feel like a “normal” wedding, which was a massive compliment to us as we didn’t want to follow the norm!  

The food was truly incredible and so many people said that they had never been to a wedding where the food was so good.  People said that the food and service was so on point, that it was like dining in a great restaurant. Alan and his team did a fantastic job!





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We got engaged at Auchrannie Resort on the Isle of Arran in November 2015.  We had been dating for around 18 months and we had already picked out rings for each other over the summer of that year!  We knew we would be asking the special question - we just didn’t know when the right moment would be!  When we went to Auchrannie, the rings were packed and one evening the right moment finally came around!  We both sat together in front of a crackling fire and began to tell each other all of the things that we loved about the other.  The rings were put on and we were engaged! 

We met online!  Conor was studying in Manchester on a post grad course in cosmetic dentistry and I was travelling all over the world teaching sales, service and marketing.  By complete chance, we were both in Manchester (where I lived at the time) and our profiles appeared in the radius we had both set for meeting someone.  Conor sent the first message saying hello and the rest is history!


About the location, we had kept a lot of secrets with our guests!  They all stayed about 40 minutes away and none was allowed to arrive at the venue alone!  We had arranged for everyone to meet at Stonefield Castle, where a coach then picked everyone up (and took them home again after the party had ended!).  As people were travelling they had literally no idea what to expect or what to be looking out for!  When they pulled up to Crear, people I think were confused as it didn’t look like a typical "wedding venue”.  As the walked down the hall and into the main room however, they gasps and “wow’s” could be heard from where we were hiding in a side bedroom!  People said that it was magical, stunning and a real wow.  Others said that it was like nothing they had ever seen or experienced before!  

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Adam & Conor's advice & top tips for future Crear couples ..

Shop around!  Don’t just find the thing you like any buy it!  There are so many creative people out there on sites like Etsy, Gumtree, Preloved, Pinterest to name just a few!  It might cost you a little extra time, but will save you so much money if you shop around.

Be organised!  We both are super organised because of our jobs, which really helped in the planning and organising of the wedding!  We had lists and spreadsheets for everything!  As we got closer to the wedding, these really helped us to stay on track with our guests, who was staying where, what they wanted to eat, who could sit next to who etc!  It also helped us to make sure nothing was missed - we had so many little things to take with us and having lists for each and every aspect of the wedding made it so easy when getting ready to travel up to Crear!

Remember that this is YOUR wedding - not someone else’s!  We made sure that our wedding was what we wanted.  It was our day and not to sound harsh, but we were going to do what we wanted to do - even when family and friends had their opinions, we stuck to our guns.  I am so glad we made it clear very early on to our families in particular, that we wanted their input, but we would not stand for emotional blackmail!  In the end we had a good balance of family helping with ideas, but we always had the final say.  So many of our friends have had to make sacrifices on things they really wanted to have or do and I think that is sad - it is your day, so as tough as it might be, thank people for their ideas and do what you want to do - because in the end, when your guests are all there enjoying themselves, it will all be worth it!

Adam & Conor's jackets & waistcoats Ambrose at MacKenzie Menswear, Photographs by Bart@Crear Photography, Blooming Wild Crear Flowers with Mark Upton, Catering Crear Kitchen, Music The Drams Ceilidh Band, Gavin MacMillan on Pipes & Graham Dickie piano. 


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