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Szilvi and Marcel, Chicago & Budapest


Once upon a time there was a magical app called Tinder. Marcel, the Duke of Chicago, had been swiping left and right, in ennui for weeks. One day, as he was feeding Cody, his loyal canine, Marcel heard a mysterious *ding*. He dove into his royally unmade bed to find his magical Apple device. "Wherefore art thou, phone?". And when he found it, he realized that there was an ethereal glow surrounding the screen.

"It's a Match!" 


The Duke wasted no time when he saw who was on the other end of the this glorious matchmaking service. Szilvi, the Hun. The wild woman from Central Europe. Marcel, the master of pickup lines, cracked his neck and his knuckles, got down to business and started typing ......



Marcel: "Morning! Loving the tree pic. Reminds me of a cherry blossom tree. So what adventure do you have awaiting this weekend? Perhaps a heroic journey of epic proportions?"

Szilvi: "Good afternoon! A journey of epic proportions? Let's see. How about taking the hobbits to Isengard? Or take the ring to Mordor? Both of those sound epic, don't you think?"

And epic it was.

The Duke of Chicago and Szilvi the Hun ended up going on their first date four days later, where at the end of the date they met a homeless bard. The very hairy, but very toothless gentleman told them their future in return for a few golden coins. He claimed The Duke and the Hun were destined to be married, so he decided to wed them there on the spot. Marcel and Szilvi just laughed it off, sitting on a bench in the kingdom of Evanston, bashful, embarrassment painting their cheeks pink. If only they knew the prophecy of the toothless bard would one day come true...

And the rest, as they say, is history.


In December 2015, Marcel told me that he would need to take one of his clients' cake to a photographer for an official cake photoshoot for their website. I knew that Marcel was still working on this bakery's website as they had been taking pictures of mouthwatering cakes and pastries for months by then. I, the notorious sweet tooth said, "of course", hoping that after the photoshoot I could eat one or two slices of said cake. Or three. If not, I was devising an evil scheme of "inadvertently" falling into the cake head first, gobbling up half of it in the process. Purely by accident. Obviously.


It turns out that the photographer needed couple photos for his portfolio, so he asked us if we wanted to participate after the cake photoshoot. We said, sure, why not. We would be there with the cake after all ...  January 9th arrived. I skipped and hopped, happiness in my steps as I knew, I would be eating that sweet sweet cake in only a matter of hours. We jumped into the car and drove to the bakery. We got there, dashed inside, and I jerked my head around frantically, trying to locate my future brunch. And there it was in it's one tier, chocolatey glory. It was love at first sight. 

"Ok, Szilvi, you'll be responsible for the cake while we're driving to the photographer. Can you make sure nothing happens to it?"  asked Marcel

 Well duh. Of course. I be watching it like a hawk. We got into the car, and I placed the edible treasure on my lap carefully. It had been put in a box, top open. We started driving. About 20 minutes into the journey, I was staring out the window, daydreaming, when I heard a semi-loud:




I (Szilvi) have been dreaming of visiting Scotland for over a decade. After Marcel proposed we looked into having a traditional wedding in Chicago, but we quickly realized that it was not what either of us wanted. I asked him what he thought about eloping to Scotland, my dream destination, and he fell in love with the idea right away. So I consulted good ole', typed "eloping to Scotland" into the search bar, and was the first result that came up. And the rest, as they say, is history...


We managed to miss our flight to Scotland by 2 hours because we didn't double check our tickets. This was Tuesday morning. Our wedding was supposed to be on Thursday. The only other flight that week was that Thursday morning. We rebooked our tickets, but I told Marcel that we would need an actual miracle to get there. Thankfully, all the stars aligned that day and we managed to get there just in time, 2 hours before our wedding.

The Crear Team are the most kind, understanding, and helpful people. They are the most perfect team and they did a most excellent job. Words can't possibly express how thank full we are for everything they have done for us. 



Tips for honeymoons & mini moons in Scotland

The Isle of Skye took our breath away. If you like nature and hiking, it is the place to be. My favorite place there is the Fairy Glen. You can feel that something supernatural resides there. I felt as if I had been transported to another world; the land of the fairies. Make sure you get there early so as to avoid the crowds.

Other places to see:

- The Old Man of Storr

- Quiraing

- Dunvegan Castle

- Portree

- Fairy Pools

- Talisker Distillery

We also visited Stonehaven on the East Coast. It is a beautiful town in the harbor, a few minutes from Dunnotar Castle. If you love castles, there are plenty of others in the area, such as, Craigievar Castle (yes it really is pink), Crathes Castle.

We have fallen in love with Edinburgh. It has quickly become one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. Make sure to do the Cadies & Witchery Tour if you're there. It's super informative and fun. You'll learn a lot about the history of the city ;)

And definitely go check out the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow <3







Our favourite travel destinations across the globe are...

Edinburgh is definitely a favourite. 

Paris - I love Paris. I used to read a lot of French literature, so to me strolling in Paris is like walking in my favourite books, seeing the scenery I imagined come alive right in front of my eyes.

Budapest - my hometown is a gorgeous city with more events and great food you could possibly imagine. There is so much to do, so much to see, and so much good food to eat that you'll want to come back again. Not to mention how affordable it is. During the weekdays, almost every restaurant offers a "Daily special" (napi menü) during lunchtime for about $4 (1200HUF), which contains a two course meal. No, this is not a drill. 

Here are some of our favorite restaurants:

- Frici Papa

- Kis Harang

- Chagall étterem

- Két Szerecsen 

- Pesti Disznó

- Menza

Cafes, cafes everywhere. That's one our favorite things about Budapest.


- Menza

- Művész kávéház

- Cafe Vian

- Komédiás (live piano and violin music in the evenings)

Although there are cafes pretty much on every corner, there are two major cafe hubs that we love: Gozsdu udvar and Liszt Ferenc ter.

These are only some of the bakeries and confectionaries we like. There are many more that we haven't tried.

Budapest is way too underrated compared to what it has to offer. It is a vibrant, lively, and exciting city.

Have I mentioned how good the food is there?


The city itself is huge, but tourists will probably stay in the downtown area. 

There's always a lot to do in Chicago. Between May and the end of October there are tons of outdoor programs, from dancing, to watching opera in the park, anything your heart may desire.

Chicago is the home of jazz and blues, so we highly recommend visiting one of the many jazz bars to hear live music. Our favorite is the Green Mill.

Chicago is also famous for its hot dogs and deep dish pizza. Whenever we have friends in town, we take them to Pequad's for deep dish pizza and to Maxwell's for hot dogs.

Do you like eating chocolate chip cookies and ice-cream in the middle of the night? Then Insomnia Cookies is your place to be.

Do you fancy going to the theater? We highly recommend checking out Chicago Shakespeare Theater (musicals, Shakespeare plays) Trapdoor (contemporary), Windy City (contemporary) , and MCLA Chicago (super funny improv performances).

In the mood for going to museums? Spend a day at Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Make sure to check out the Chicago Skyline before you leave both during the day and at night. Walk to the planetarium, sit down on the huge grassy area, and marvel at one of the most beautiful skylines of the USA. 









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