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Rosie & Matt

Rosie and Matt along with their son Zach from Woodbridge in Suffolk travelled to Crear to tie the knot in July this year.



The flowers exceeded my expectations ..

my bouquet was stunning and I felt so special walking to the beach with it. in fact, I loved it so much that I managed to get it home via Stansted airport, and even received lovely compliments while waiting at the baggage reclaim!


We both worked at Top That Publishing based in the lovely town of Woodbridge on the Suffolk coast. Matt was a graphic designer, I was an editor… our eyes met over the Apple Macs and the rest is history! Actually, that’s not quite true  ......  read more

I had a puncture on my bike and he offered to pump up my tyres – now that’s what I call hands-on!

 I had been hoping that Matt would propose for years (we met in 2003) but after many heavy hints, I’d pretty much given up. So imagine my surprise when Matt got down on one knee on my birthday as I opened my birthday presents… my engagement ring was hidden in the bottom of yet another practical present – a green enamel watering can!

 I’d visited the Hebrides around 10 years’ previously and fallen for the islands’ gorgeous beaches, ruggedness and relaxed way of life. I always dreamed of marrying there, so when Matt proposed, I set about finding a Scottish getaway. When we found the Crear website, we knew immediately it was The One. Having been together for over a decade, we didn’t feel the pressure to have a huge ceremony and with our families’ blessing, we set about organising our special day with just me, Matt and our son, Zach.

 We assumed that the Crear team would be professional but nothing prepared us for their warmth and friendliness. From the moment Jean, Bill and the team arrived at the Cottage, we felt  like royalty: from finding the home cooked soup on the stove to the amazing antipasti platter and ice cold champagne in the fridge. On the day itself, Jean was there to help us as we got dressed into our wedding gear and to fix buttonholes etc.

 Finally – the weather – having visited Scotland a few times, I’m aware of how changeable the weather can be. We weren’t expecting sun, so to get married in blazing heat was the icing on the (wedding!) cake. 

The Crear team take care of every need and provide regular updates in the lead up to your arrival. The team work smoothly to provide a personal service and I loved the personal approach.


How would you describe the day, what made it special?

Oh my goodness, where do we start… We’d hoped for a relaxed day and it was that and more; within 2 hours, we were back in our shorts, chilling out in Crear’s rock pools and toasting life together as Mr and Mrs. Bill’s creative photoshoot was a real highlight as we explored the beach and local ruins in full wedding attire; he went the extra mile to get some gorgeous shots including of Zach sliding down the ruins on his behind!

I was a little nervous about clambering around in my white Maggie Sotterro dress but soon overcame my princess tendencies and the pictures say it all.



Rosie and Matt's advice to other couples.

Consider a Wee Wedding! Many of our friends were shocked at our decision to marry so far away from home, and without family in attendance. But as soon as they saw the pictures and heard our stories, they totally got it. You can always celebrate with family and friends later – we’re having a party close to home, which is keeping us in our Wee Wedding bubble for a little longer!


How has married life been so far?

Lovely, although we are sad that our special experience is over – we’d do it again in a heartbeat. It was fun to receive Bill’s photos two weeks’ after returning from Crear – we’ve been showing them off to friends and family and will definitely be making a feature of them in our home to remind us of our amazing time.


Scotland and Travel...


Where are you favourite places to visit in Scotland? (walks, activities, things to see, beautiful locations)

Matt is new to Scotland but wants to return to Crear! I would like to take a ferry to Islay and Jura, and also visit the beaches on Harris. Oh, and do some walking around Loch Lomond and the Great Glen. And maybe even hop up to Shetland! So much to do.


What are you favourite travel destinations across the globe, location and accommodation - why do you love them?

We enjoy visiting the Greek islands; always self-catering to make the most of finding secluded beaches and villages and dining out in their tavernas.


Where are your fav restaurants to eat in Scotland and around the world, what do you love about them?

Well, we loved the Kilberry Inn – David was an excellent host and the food was sublime. Our little boy still talks of the podded peas from the garden that he devoured on arrival! We also stopped at Loch Fyne and took in some deli items from the restaurant; amazing location and truly delicious food.


For our honeymoon we plan to visit Italy in 2017, but knowing us, we’ll return to Greece and spend a long weekend in Crear!


Favourite food.

We call it ‘picky tea’ – basically, a selection of meats, veggies, cheeses and salads chosen from the range of shops and farmers’ markets based in and around our hometown of Woodbridge, Suffolk. The Greek lamb stifado is always a favourite come Valentines’, too!





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