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You guys...

How did you both meet?

We joined our current employers only a few weeks apart and that was where we met. That was over 18 years ago and whilst we were good friends from day 1, it was not until a few years later that we realised how we felt about each other (not very exciting I am afraid!)


What is your engagement story?

 After 13 years of of life together we went to Iceland to celebrate Natasha's 40th birthday. It was the most amazing experience ever, such a beautiful country. That said, for all the planning (unbeknown to Natasha), the weather was not playing ball for a romantic way to propose. First there were no northern lights for us to see, then we were planning on going to see the Gulfoss Waterfalls inland but there was a snowstorm that meant we could no make it that far without potentially getting cut off, being limited on daylight we decided to turn back after 2 hours. We spent a fabulous day in Reykjavik and had a wonderful meal at a restaurant in the centre, I managed to propose at 1 minute to midnight on Natasha's 40th birthday...
The wedding & marriage…
Why did you choose Crear for your wedding?
We wanted a small wedding and after looking at the usual places abroad (Caribbean, Mauritius etc) we decided that a beach wedding in Scotland, in October would be just perfect. To be honest, the pictures and videos you have of previous weddings made it impossible for us to go anywhere else. Crear ticked all the boxes for us. Rather than a 15 minute wedding in the middle of a 2 week vacation, this really would be about the wedding ceremony. Neither of us have any Scottish heritage, but will this was perfect, we had always hoped that our 2 girls, Esme (aged 18) and Mia (aged 17) would be our witnesses and in Scotland they were able to be; we will always feel as though a little piece of us belongs in Argyle and Bute and especially Crear.  
What were your expectations for your day?
we had always hoped for a relaxed day, nothing too formal. We wanted the day to be about the ceremony rather than than anything else. 
We had hoped to be married on the beach, but this was more of a hope than anything else as the weather in Scotland in October can be pretty unpredictable. We like to think we were quite realistic and had expected to be married in the beautiful cottage however we were very lucky and had fantastic weather the whole time we were there.




Did you have any issues prior to the big day, how did you overcome them?
Not really, we wanted it to be a relaxed affair so did not get too hung up on the preparation, to be honest when we spoke to the registrar, she told us as long as we where there and we had the rings nothing else was needed to be remembered by us. 
Just what we wanted
How was your day?
Perfect. Everything and more we could have wanted. From the weather, to the cottage and Crear team, it was all exactly as we had hoped for. 
What did you wear and where did you discover it?
Natasha found her dress 6 months prior to the wedding, after the first wear she knew it was the right one. Typical man, I bought my suit a couple of weeks before the wedding :
What advice would you give future couples?
Don't stress about anything. As Lorna told us, as long as you are there with the rings nothing else is required. Just enjoy the experience and the time you have at Crear. If in any doubt about having your wedding at the beach, go for a walk there as soon as you can. It is such an amazing and captivating place that you will not want to be married anywhere else.
How has married life been so far?
Superb, we had 5 fantastic days in Santorini immediately following our time at Crear. We are now settling back into work as Mr & Mrs Hulls.
Scotland and Travel...

Where are you favourite places to visit in Scotland? (walks, activities, things to see, beautiful locations)

This was our first visit to Scotland but we will be back. We are planning on a return visit for our first anniversary
What are you favourite travel destinations across the globe, location and accommodation - why do you love them?
Simple. The Maldives every time. Simply stunning location no matter what island you choose to stay on. 
Where are your fav restaurants to eat in Scotland and around the world, what do you love about them?
In Scotland, Loch Fyne was very nice and a handy place to stop at on the way to Crear. Of course the Kilberry Inn was lovely too and very much recommended. 
In London, the Oval restaurant at the Wellesley Hotel is firm favourite. 
Do you have a honeymoon destination you can recommend? see above :)
Santorini was fabulous for a short break, for a longer trip the Maldives beckons 
Bits & Bobs...

Do you have a fav creative/artist/photographer that we could feature?

We loved Bill's photography and could not be happier with our stunning photographs. 













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