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Kimberly & Shane 

One seriously fabulous wee wedding, a one off bridal gown, Autumnal colours & the most gorgeous couple all the way from Seattle. 

Kimberly & Shane met in orchestra class, in Alaska. Both playing the cello, they knew each other throughout junior high and high school. Unbeknown to Kimberly, during this time, she was Shane's first HUGE crush, which lasted all those years. After school, Kimberly went off to college, lived in other states and even overseas, for many years. Shane also moved away, attending college and settling in Seattle. Over 20 years later, Kimberly later travelled to Seattle, hoping to settle and find work. Networking with high school friends in the area, she found Shane. After re-connecting, they went out for dinner and had the most wonderful time. They continued to meet, and thus began their courtship, so many years after 7th grade. 



 The proposal 


Shane decided to surprise Kimberly with a weekend away for her birthday in a gorgeous, mountainous location with many lovely surprises. On the last day, he told her they would be visiting and climbing up a waterfall. After some delays and quite a hot hike, a mile up, they reached the top. They talked a while and as they prepared to descend, next thing Kimberly knew, Shane was on his knee proposing.   



 We wanted a secluded, wild & windy, beach wedding...Scotland was a place Shane had never visited, but has ancestry there. After discovering Crears photography, it seemed to match our our needs perfectly. 


The day begun quietly with just the two of us. My best friend, who was also in high school with both of us, arrived from the cottage annex later on and helped keep us relaxed. When the Crear team arrived, they were warm, friendly, enthusiastic, as well as professional. A joy to be with on our day. Kate was lovely and made me feel like I was in a fairytale. The flowers were truly, exactly what had been envisioned. There were many laughs, some happy tears, lovely wind, and splendid piped tunes. It was a simple, easy, gorgeous, fairytale of a day!




Shane had a family-made kilt. Kimberly had a custom made corset from Period Corsets and a custom designed skirt from the creative and vision inspired folks at Zeita Studios. The skirt was exactly what Kimberly had envisioned at the Crear beach! These two companies collaborate and create works of wearable art!


 During our time in Scotland we really enjoyed experiencing rhe castles, cathedrals, and prehistoric sites, as well as stopping at local cafes and tea rooms to have a cuppa and a slice of cake or something yummy.





So far married life is lovely! It is still novel to call each other husband and wife. We relish it!

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