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Jessica & Daniel from Yorkshire escaped for a beach wedding with their daughter Isadora & Olive the dog & a close handful or family & friends





























Dan and I met in September 2008 in our first year at university - we had both applied late so instead of being in the halls we were placed in this gigantic house with fourteen other students, some of whom became friends for life. Our first night we had a party and Dan was "breakdancing" indoors with sunglasses on... at around midnight... it wasn't quite love at first sight needless to say but we became really close and lived in shared accommodation as good friends until our final year when we finally admitted to each other that there had definitely been something more for all that time. 



We love being outdoors and one of our favourite spots for dog walking is on the North York Moors. We decided to go up there with our then 15 month old daughter in tow one freezing cold day in November last year and that's where Dan proposed, I of course said yes! It was so cold we only stayed out for about twenty minutes or so before hurrying back to the car to get warmed up but it was enough time to have such a lovely setting for the engagement, and continuing the outdoors theme for the wedding seemed appropriate!


The wedding & marriage…

Why did you choose Crear for your wedding?

We chose Crear as when we were planning our wedding from the start we knew we wanted something small but somewhere that would be special and in a beautiful setting. My dad and uncle have a sailing boat that they had moored at Tarbert back in 2010 when Dan and I were first an item, so we both went up with my family for a sailing trip around Jura and the Mull of Kintyre - it is just an absolutely amazing place to be, the scenery and wildlife are just breathtaking, it is a truly gorgeous part of this world. Unfortunately we hadn't made it back up to that area since that trip and as soon as we found Crear we knew we absolutely would not find a more ideal backdrop for our wedding.



The only issues before the wedding I can think of was just the logistics of getting there with a two year old little girl and a 10 month old Springer Spaniel pup! We travelled from York and ended up working it out so that I went on the train with Isadora and Dan took Olive up in the car with all the wedding bits and bobs... our families didn't mind the drive either and it was a fabulous train journey in the end for me and Dora as the lovely train guard upgraded us to First Class when he realised we were travelling up for the wedding!



The day of our wedding we will truly remember as the best day of our lives. When it's something so special you can't help but build up an ideal image of how you want the day to turn out and it truly surpassed even our greatest expectations. We had spent half the year worrying it was going to be awful weather and we woke up to the most beautiful morning I can remember, the sun was shining and it was just the perfect crisp Autumn day. Standing on the beach with the stunning scenery all around us, our daughter Isadora, pup Olive and our close family members beside us is a memory we will hold in our hearts forever. 


What did you wear and where did you discover it?

My dress was from an independent wedding dress boutique in York called Glory Days (, it is owned by the extremely talented and lovely Hayley Claire Neil who literally made me the dress of my dreams - it's one of her collection dresses called "The Christine" which I chose in a blush champagne colour. Dan wore a navy tweed three piece suit with brown buttons and trimming from a suit warehouse called Marc Darcy ( which he found online, and he was extremely happy with both the price and the quality!


What advice would you give future couples?

Future couples who are planning on getting married at Crear, my advice would just be - do not stress! There is absolutely no need, we had the most worry-free wedding I think I've ever heard of. Apart from all the nice bits like choosing my wedding dress and the colour scheme we had nothing to even think about as it was all organised by the wonderful team at Crear, so we literally just had to turn up, get ready and enjoy our magical day.


How has married life been so far?

So far married life has been fantastic - we have just enjoyed an amazing honeymoon on Koh Samui in Thailand - we had to travel a bit further out in order to get the sunny weather in October but the long day of travelling there and back was totally worth it as it was absolute paradise once we got there. I think we're both enjoying being Mr & Mrs - both feeling very grown up with our wedding rings on! And we just really feel like our family has been tied together, I'm now a Greenhalgh along with my husband and daughter which was a really important factor for me.


Scotland and Travel...

Where are you favourite places to visit in Scotland? (walks, activities, things to see, beautiful locations)

The whisky distillery at Jura is a fantastic place to visit whether you like whisky or not, again the surroundings of the island are beautiful, and anywhere you go really when around Crear even if just for a walk you are bound to come across some fantastic place with gorgeous scenery all around. Whilst there we saw so much of the local wildlife including plenty of deer in the surrounding forests and numerous seals popping their heads up out of the water! It's such a wonderful unblemished place and feels so untouched by the outside world at times. 


What are you favourite travel destinations across the globe, location and accommodation - why do you love them?


Where are your fav restaurants to eat in Scotland and around the world, what do you love about them?



Do you have a honeymoon destination you can recommend?

We went to Bo Phut Resort and Spa on Bo Phut beach in Koh Samui for our honeymoon. It was absolute paradise. We wanted somewhere that would be sunny in October and we certainly got the weather! It was around thirty degrees the entire time we were there, and the resort was fabulous - we were waited on hand and foot and the whole atmosphere of the place was so relaxed. Everything is so cheap out there too - an hour Thai massage costs about £6 so we were getting one every other day!



Our photographer was Bill who was just brilliant. All the photos were taken candidly and from the ones we have seen so far we absolutely love the outcome. I would love for Hayley at Glory Days to be featured if possible because all her work is absolutely beautiful and I think her style of dress would really appeal to the kind of bride who would be interested in an outdoor setting for their wedding, she says on her website the her dresses offer an alternative choice for the "off-the-beaten-track" bride which I think fits in perfectly with what a wedding at Crear is all about!

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