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Helen & Jon

We met when we both worked on an intensive care ward in a psychiatric hospital. We don't really have an engagement story! We agreed when we bought our house that we would get married within the next couple of years so once the house stuff was all sorted I had my ring designed [I had to be in  charge of what would be on my hand for the rest of my life!]. 


I was searching for places in this country that you could get married just the two of you and preferably outdoors - found Crear and it seemed perfect. I found it by lucky chance really!







We just wanted a relaxed day and having planned everything and settling into the cottage we felt that's probably what we would get - I guess we half expected rain! But were blessed not to get any.








Having changed our minds and asked our parents along we actually felt having them there was one of the nicest things, we still had what we wanted [a super chilled day] but enjoying it all with our parents was really special, we laughed alot. We felt very grateful to have nice weather as there was rain on and off the leading up to and after so we kept saying our thanks for having got out to have our ceremony on the beach. We have said so many times since "there's nothing I would change about that day/week" it really was exactly what we wanted.


I wore a lace full length dress that I found on Etsy for £500 and Jon wore a lovely brown suit and mustard shirt combo - he refused to tell or show me his outfit ahead of the day so I was pleasantly surprised that he hadn't gone for something crazy!


What advice would you give future couples? There's nothing to worry about just be organized about the admin in preparation and then once you get to Crear, go for a walk  and enjoy the beautiful surroundings! Book ahead and go to the Killberry Inn for one evening of your visit.


How has married life been so far? We had a great two weeks off just enjoying each others company and seeing close friends and family, relaxing and having fun. Married life is exactly like unmarried life except that we sometimes refer to each other as 'husband'  'wife'  - neither of us feel normal doing this yet and generally can't do it in a normal tone of voice!


We intend to come back and explore Scotland a lot more on our motorbikes in future holidays!


Phone us anytime 01880 770369

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