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Hannah & Travis 


The most fabulous wee wedding celebrations for Hannah & Travis who travelled all the way from America to celebrate their more about their beautiful story here...


Second time lucky...

We met through mutual friends, who set us up because of our many similarities (both vegetarian, both don't drink alcohol, both don't want kids, etc.). We went on a bowling double date, where it wasn't exactly love at first sight (I thought he was a bit rude and he thought I was too quiet). He did want to see how we did on our own, though, and asked for my number and took me out the following weekend ... That time, things certainly clicked, and what started as dinner turned into a 6-hour conversation. We've been mad about each other since.




Christmas has always been a special time for us. On Christmas night in 2014, we went to one of my favorite parks in the city to see the Christmas lights. He told me there was something he wanted to tell me, but was nervous. I had a pretty good idea of what that something was, as I wanted to tell him the same thing. I took the plunge first and told him that I am falling in love with him, and he responded with an enormous grin, picked me up, spun me around, and told me that he IS in love with me. 


Exactly one year later, at this same exact spot in the same exact park, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

I always knew I wanted to get married somewhere in the UK. I envisioned standing on a hillside with the wind blowing and sheep scurrying about in the background. After Travis proposed, he grew to love this idea, too. When I was looking for small venues that could accommodate our vision, Crear was the first result to pop up. Of course, a website called "Wee Weddings" had an immediate draw for me. When I looked into it more and discovered that a piper was included in the ceremony, and saw how cozy and quaint the setting was at Crear, both Travis and I knew this place was perfect for our dream wedding.

As I and Travis both, as well as any members of our family, had never been to the UK, we honestly didn't quite know what to expect. We heard horror stories of the temperamental weather in Scotland and were just hoping to avoid a downpour.  






We enjoyed every detail of our stay at Crear, and we can't thank you and the entire Crear team enough for making our day so breathtakingly perfect!

The day was a whirlwind! Cheryl, my hairstylist, was just lovely. She and Kate, the makeup artist, helped me through my myriad of emotions--which included nervous, tired, nervous, hungry, and even more nervous! I don't know what I would have done without them. When it came time to get a move on and walk down to the beach, the beauty of the surroundings and knowing I was about to marry the greatest man I've ever met hit me all at once. It was, without a doubt, the most wonderful moment of my life, walking down to marry Travis with Iain piping behind me. The rest of the day was equally stunning, from the ceremony, to our photographer's enthusiasm and good sportsmanship at the surrounding places we wanted to explore for photos, to the Scottish storyteller we brought in to regale us with traditional Scottish legends and tales after the wedding. Everything about our day exceeded any expectations we had.














Outside of Scotland, our favorite travel destination has been Istanbul. We went there for a few days in November of 2015 and absolutely loved it. The amount of beautiful mosques right in the middle of the city was really a sight to see. We stayed at the Recital Hotel in the Sultanahmet district, which was very nice.

The best of Scotland...

"Without a doubt, Edinburgh was the most beautiful city we've been to. We spent a few days there after the wedding. We also took a day trip out to Glencoe and Loch Ness. The highlands were stunning, and the small towns we stopped at along the way (Callander, Pitlochry) were truly picturesque gems.

We wish we had spent the whole of our time in Edinburgh and skipped London. Edinburgh offered a quaint backdrop to a reasonably bustling city (not overwhelming, like London). The warmth of the people there and the beautiful surroundings made for a perfect honeymoon.

We found the food in Scotland to be much better than in England, actually. One place that we found particularly tasty was the Old Clubhouse Pub in Campbelltown, which offered yummy vegetarian dishes."








We haven't had much time to take a step back and breathe since getting married, but we are so blissfully happy to finally be husband and wife. We are gearing up to buy our first house together, even though we've only been back from our honeymoon for less than a week! We are just so excited to start the rest of our lives together.

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