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Emma & Shane

A beautiful bride, a handsome groom, a fabulous furry friend, rainbows and happy endings! Pop up your tootsies and take a moment to read the wonderful story of Emma & Shane, who eloped to Crear in September 2017, with only their pooch, Broc... 

 Shane and I met through mutual friends. Three years later, Shane proposed to me on Xmas day! We celebrated our engagement on New Years eve, on top of a hill with our dog Broc. Such a beautiful night in front of a campfire, overlooking the countryside where we live! We got to see all the fireworks going off at midnight. Then on New Years day we told all the family and friends, which was the start of an amazing year for us.



Our wedding day was just perfect and we cannot thank Crear weddings enough. The photos were perfect too our photographer Bill did a fantastic job and really captured our ceremony. So so happy.


We chose Crear weddings as we wanted a quiet romantic wedding, with just us and of course our dog. It was a perfect location as we love the west coast and Shane loves the sea, so being married on the beach seemed perfect to us. I wanted somewhere different and no one I know had been married there. Somewhere really special.

 My expectations for the day were for it to be easy and fuss free and it really was. We just went with the flow. The weather was kind to us too on the day, as the night before we arrived to a storm and our walk down to the beach to see what it was like got us soaked!! But the wedding day was much calmer and we got great photos. All part of the fun of being on the west coast!



My wedding dress I found online a website called ASOS. I had to find a maternity dress as i was 6 months pregnant on my wedding day and I wanted something a bit different and pretty. I found the perfect dress and it went with the autumn colours that were just starting to come out and my bridal bouquet went perfectly with it


The day was magical. Happiest day of our lives. The bagpiper made it extra special. He was fantastic. And my wedding bouquet was beautiful!! That also made my day. Broc, our dog, looked super smart with his bridal collar on. He looked the part as dog of honour.

I have explored quite a lot of Scotland as its my favourite holiday destination. But still discovering more and more amazing and beautiful places. Crear being one of them! We plan to come back one day and take in the scenery again and relive all the memories that Crear wee weddings has made for us.


Top tips for Crear wedding couples...

"My advice for future couples is to enjoy every minute and go with the flow. And don't forget to take in the beautiful Crear beach. We are loving married life and still supper happy about being able to refer to each other as husband and wife. We love wearing our wedding bands. Really makes us feel like a proper wee family and perfect to be married just before the arrival of our baby in January."




Loving married life and still buzzing from how perfect and easy our wedding day was

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