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Tried & Tested Top Tips for your Crear Wedding Day Timings

At the best weddings guests should leave at the point they want to party just a little bit longer!


If you have lots of children or elderly guests, you may want to think about an earlier ceremony & earlier finish. 

No one wants to have had to get out of bed early only to be kept waiting about for the bride. Being fashionably late for the marriage ceremony should be minutes at most! 

We always suggest you arrive at Crear prior to your guests to take a little time out before the festivities begin. Take a walk down to the beach or just sit & enjoy the silence prior to your house guests arriving.

A welcoming & relaxed atmosphere at your wedding is key to everyone having the best possible time. Dressing up is fun however your wedding guests will also appreciate being able to ditch the tie & kick off the heels when the party gets going.

 If someone has kindly baked you a wedding cake, stop to cut it in front of all your guests when you are piped into your wedding breakfast. Thanks to the cake maker can then also be given in the following speeches. 

Highly recommended for everyones nerves is having your speeches before your meal. Speeches should be short, generous, kind & include humour your Granny finds funny.


The chefs are not happy if the speeches run on & ruin the meal & your guests are not happy having a hungry wait ....

While its a nice idea to have a speech between courses, it will drag out the meal as the tables have to have cleared before everyone begins. Also if you have booked a great band, you want to ensure that nothing encroaches on the evening entertainment.

There will be moments when you want time some time out over what will be a whirlwind few days.

If you are inviting guests to any event before or after your wedding day, we always suggest you give a start time & an end time to ensure the party happens with everyone together.

Finally, don't be the last to leave when its all over & its time to go home .. let some one else gather up the socks left under the bed while you whisk off to newly married life! 


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