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Table Layouts for Your Crear Wedding Breakfast



The diameter of the circular tables is 1.5 m & seat 8 guests.

The rectangular tables are 1.8m long x 76cm & seat 3 guests on each side.

You also have the option of pushing the rectangular tables together to make square tables.


Table set up for evening entertainment

If you are having some evening entertainment, the Crear team will take down some of the tables so you have loads of space to dance however leave enough around the edges of the room with a chair for everyone. Fresh table cloths, jugs of water & glasses will be set up to prepare for some wild energetic toe tapping!

Any bags, cameras & personal belongings will be left on the tables after your Wedding Breakfast has been cleared away.
Our lovely Crear tote is the perfect favour to give to your guests as a practical keepsake & to take everything home.

Traditional Wedding Top Tables

If you wish to go with a traditional top table, you can place that anywhere in the room. You may wish to have a round top table in the middle. There are absolutely no rules at Crear so what ever works for you.

If you have guests who would prefer not to be in each other's company, please take this into consideration when working on your seating plan. We completely understand that families can be complicated, so dispensing with a top table & seating those giving a speech at opposite ends of the room can work well, with the bride & groom seated together in the middle of a table facing all their guests

Things to consider with table options

Crear Weddings are so relaxed its not uncommon for guests to wander around & reseat themselves between courses. This can leave some guests stranded if those sitting left & right disappear, especially on a traditional top table. The trestle tables are more sociable in that regard & more forgiving to last minute changes to the seating plan .

Buffets require access from both ends to ensure speedy service & avoid hungry guests waiting their turn while contented diners & delicious smells surround them.

If you are planning on having any part of your Wedding Breakfast served family style, flowers, bottles & candles that have to be negotiated can make passing plates into an obstacle course!

Crear Table round-104-E02.jpg

Round tables seating 8 for upto 104 guests 

Crear Table Round-Layouts-64-E11.jpg

Round Tables seating 8 for up to 64 guests in total

Crear Table small-wed-Layouts-8-E10.jpg

Round table for eight guests

Crear Table e-shape-trestle-70-E03.jpg

Trestle tables in an E shape seating 70 guests, 3 guests each side. 

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