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Anyone can legally marry in Scotland.

Your legal marriage paperwork must be submitted by post to the Lochgilphead Registrar upto three months & no less than 29 days prior to your marriage ceremony.

You are not required to be in resident in Scotland prior to your marriage ceremony. 

For those resident outside the EU a visa may be required to enter the UK. For non UK passport holders, a certificate from your home country that you are free to marry may be required.

The Registrars conduct civil weddings. All other celebrants including Humanist are classed as religious. 

Please consider if you want a religious or civil marriage ceremony prior to contacting the Registrar. 

Divorcees are free to marry in the Church of Scotland.

If you are having a civil marriage then the registrars will bring the paperwork with them on the day. If you are having a religious marriage then you are required to collect the paperwork in person during office hours from Lochgilphead.



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