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Top Ten Tips for Choosing your Wedding Cake by Rosewood Cakes

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the highlights has got to be spending an afternoon sampling different wedding cake flavours and chatting about designs.     Prior stresses of the seating plan minefield just dissolve away as you try slice after slice of delicious cake!

At Rosewood Cakes we love to chat to couples and get to know them and their style of wedding.  Our perspective is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to wedding cakes,  ultimately it has to be what you want!    We’ve outlined a guide to the questions we get asked most often, which are points you may want to consider when planning your wedding cake.    After all, your wedding is the only day where you get to have your cake and eat it too!



If you were to describe the style of your wedding, what would you say?  Understated elegance?  Vintage romance? Alternative with a quirky edge? This can often help us filter through styles when a design for your cake.  What colours are being incorporated?  What kind of fabrics are involved with the clothing being worn?  Do you have samples of the bridesmaid’s dresses or a picture of the tartan you can bring to a consultation?  What about a sample of your stationery?  Flowers can be very inspirational, what kind of flowers are you having in your bouquets/centrepieces and how will they be displayed?   Have a look for some cake inspiration, pinterest is brilliant for this!  Creating a mood board to bring to your consultation is a fantastic way to get your ideas across.   At Rosewood Cakes we like to make every wedding cake as unique and individual as you are.  If you’ve seen several different designs that you like, we can help incorporate their features into one beautiful cake to reflect you!  But if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, the consultation is a really effective way to get the creative juices flowing!




How many people will attend your wedding?  Generally people like to have the portion size to match the guest list.  Some brides don’t want waste as perhaps not everyone will eat cake? Others don’t want to under-cater.    Think about how many portions you’d like your cake to serve, and what size of portion.  Wedding cakes are cut into small 1” slices, if you’re having a smaller wedding or serving cake for pudding then you may want larger wedges of cake.   If you have a small wedding you can still have a show-stopping cake!  The tiers keep very well so you don’t have to serve it all on the day.  Or you can incorporate dummy tiers into the cake.  Similarly, if you have a very large guest list you don’t need to have a seven tier cake, you can go for a more modest three tier, and have plain cake in the kitchen to cut and serve to your guests to make up the portion sizes.    There are options for every wedding, so think about what best suits you. 



 Displaying your Wedding Cake

A little attention to detail when it comes to this can really make all the difference in having your cake stand out.  This doesn’t need to be expensive or ostentatious, simply sprinkling fresh petals or arranging tealights on the tablecloth around the cake can be beautiful, or using a tree trunk as a cake stand to display a rustic cake (I always recommend this for naked cakes).   Cakes are often put in the corner of a room, which makes them less likely to be knocked over, but you could throw caution to the wind and have them displayed in the centre of the room, or do the cutting on the dancefloor.    Cakes do not like prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, being displayed next to a heat source and hate being put in the fridge.  If you’re getting married in a conservatory then a buttercreamed cake would be a no-no!



Vanilla-raspberry, red velvet and chocolate are big crowd pleasers.  If you want to keep your guests happy but fancy something a little different then consider a white chocolate and passion fruit, or a sticky toffee with salted caramel? Or just go all out with an early grey and violet?  At Rosewood Cakes it’s not just the design which is bespoke,  why not tailor your sponges completely to your favourite flavours?  We’ve made chai sponge for a groom who couldn’t function without his daily cuppa, and we have a wedding coming up where each of the four tiers is based on the couple’s favourite chocolate bars.   We definitely recommend that you have different flavours in each tier, it’s nice to offer your guests variety.



 Food allergies and Intolerances

At Rosewood Cakes we cater for all food allergies and intolerances, from egg-free wedding cakes to gluten-free wedding cakes, and have made the odd vegan wedding cake too!   All free-from sponges can be incorporated as one tier of the overall wedding cake, except for dairy free which would be served as a cutting cake.  Some flavours work better with free-from sponges,  for example gluten free sponges can have a tendency to dryness, so are best made with sticky toffee, chocolate or carrot cake.



 Traditional fruit cake 

Often we’ll be asked if there has to be a fruit tier, generally an elderly relative has informed the couple that it’s mandatory to have traditional fruit!  If you don’t like it, then don’t have it.  If you’re not keen but want to accommodate someone else’s tastes, then you could either have a small extra cutting cake, or you could have an alternative such as a fruited carrot cake or a light sultana and apple cake with cinnamon (my favourite).  All our sponges freeze beautifully so if you would like to follow the tradition of freezing a tier for a Christening, then you can do so with any of our flavours. 


Icing, buttercream or naked? 

Naked and buttercreamed cakes look fantastic in outdoorsy rustic weddings.   But bear in mind that whilst they are cheaper, they are significantly less stable than their iced counterparts, and will dry out much quicker.   Not everyone is a fan of icing, at Rosewood Cakes we use the best quality artisan sugarpaste and roll it out thin so you don’t need to fear leaving toothprints in huge chunks of icing when you take a bite!


 Having difficult compromising on design?  

You might want to consider the ever-popular hidden cakes, where they look like an ordinary wedding cake from the front, but turn them around and there’s a different design hidden around the back!




We always advise couple’s to ask their venue to cut each tier in half, serving one half to guests and double wrapping the remaining half tightly with clingfilm.  If all the cake gets eaten then you can serve the rest, and if not the cake will keep very well for about a week.    Often there will be a family party the day after the wedding, so it’s nice to be able to serve up cake!



 Take home treats

Consider having edible wedding favours to give to your guests as a sweet reminder of your day.   We  can personalise the packaging with bespoke tags displaying a personal message.  Of course we’re biased, but we think the best kind of wedding favour is an edible one you can pop in your bag to enjoy the next day!  Macarons, chocolate truffles, tablet, fudge and cake pops are all popular requests, and importantly they all keep well and will last several days.   They also look beautiful displayed around the cake to make a sumptuous dessert table.




If you’d like to chat with us or book a consultation to discuss your wedding cake please contact us either through our website contact form at or email us directly  We’re always happy to chat cake and answer any questions you may have!


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