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Music for your Wedding Ceremony

Crear Weddings are so relaxed you need a change in the tempo to get everyone focused at certain points in the day - the arrival of the bride, the signing of the marriage schedule, the end of the ceremony & leading the newly weds into their wedding breakfast. 

Iain Campbell on pipes is a great way to guide your wedding guests to your ceremony come rain or shine. If it's to play at the entrance to Crear, the door of the Church or to walk them down to the beach, it is a huge help in keeping everyone in the right direction. At the end of the ceremony he helps as if the Pied Piper, lead everyone exactly where you want them.

Your evening entertainment

If you book a great band to play at your wedding, we will ensure you & your guests are on the dance floor for 8pm. We always suggest that your wedding ends with a live set which ensures your evening ends on a complete high. Most bands will require one or two breaks during the evening when we can shedule your evening buffet.

The acoustics at Crear are very lively so little if any amplification is required. The sound level should be enough to enjoy a great dance while allowing your guests to comfortably chat without shouting.

At all the best weddings glasses get accidentally broken. Wee glass shards are not a good combination with bare feet dancing about so please ask your guests to bring flats to dance in.

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