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Ladies to make you lovely we recommend as at 2021

Salon 66 Hair & Make up - Louise based in Ardrishaig, 07919 284 966

BASE Salon Hair & Make up - Leanne Fraser based in Argyll - 07926 491 104

Fusion Hair  - Hazel based in Argyll - 07854 798 149

Diana MacKenzie Make up Artist - Based in Argyll - 07887 584 101

Clare Pearson Hair & Make up - 01631 570 072

AMM Team - National source for Hair & Make up stylists - 07779 136853


Things to consider when choosing a hair & make-up artist

Its essential that you feel completely happy with whoever you chose. When selecting a make up artist, check out what products they use, ask how often they work (you don't want old stale make up that comes out once a month or less if its a 'hobby' job!) & note basics like how clean & hygienic their brushes & products look.

A professional make-up artist will work with a kit insured for thousands of pounds & be able to advise on the products that work best for your skin type.

This is also not the moment to be talked into a whole new look - its very important for the groom to recognise the bride! Be clear about what you want, however remember if you are unused to wearing much make-up, it may feel as if you are wearing a lot. You do need definition around your eyes & mouth to work well for the photographs.

A good make up artist will make you feel a million dollars & look your absolute best in reality & photographs. Anything less at your make up trial, try elsewhere. This is also not the time to feel obliged by a kind offer from family or friends ... if you are nervous with what the results may be, simply thank them for their generous thought, however you would not wish for them to work on your wedding day.

Please remember that at Crear there may well be more than a wee puff of wind so your hair needs to be firmly pinned or in a style that will only improve when wind swept! What may work well inside a city hotel where you are in control of the climate is not the style for a Crear bride.

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