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The first sip of the first drink is one that your guests will remember the most, so be it champagne, cava or prosecco make it a good one!

Taking into account the big drinkers & your non drinking guests, we recommend half a bottle of champagne & prosecco for the drinks reception followed by half a bottle of wine plus per guest for your wedding breakfast (meal)

We then recommend adding a little extra for those extra thirsty.


For example for 80 wedding guests - 

select 24 bottles/ 4 cases of red wine

24 bottles/ 4 cases white wine

plus 42 bottles/ 7 cases of champagne or prosecco.

This is based 6 bottles per case.

If you are providing all the wine till the end of the night, add a little more. 


For your guests who would prefer a beer, bring wheelbarrows & we will fill them with ice & wheel them to where your guests are inside or out! The barrows then double up as presents from yourselves to gardening enthusiasts.

When your guests sit down for your wedding breakfast, we would suggest that if they keep their champagne glass we can top it up for the speeches. Alternatively your guests may want to move onto the table wine to toast. 

When glasses of champagne are provided just for speeches, half goes down the drain as most guests have moved onto red or white wine or beer.


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