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The matching of food and wine is a matter of personal taste. There are no hard & fast rules, but just remember it is easiest to think of wine as a sauce & match the strength of flavours & weight of the dish with the wine.

Philippe Larue, L’Art du Vin, Independent Wine Merchants


Wine & food pairing

Our detailed food and wine matching guide helps you decide which wines to pair with a wide variety of meat, poultry, fish dishes as well as the Wedding Cake!


White Fish

White Fish such as Sea Bass require wines with good acidity particularly if cooked in butter or cream based sauces (pea veloute). Classic Old World pairings would include Chablis, Sancerre & Pouilly Fumé. Wines that work well from the New World include New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs & Dry Rieslings.



Oily Fish

Salmon & Salmon Terrine Wines that perform well with oily fish such as Salmon tend to be citrussy, crisp & fresh. Go for an ultra-dry white if you can. A Chablis or Chenin Blanc.



Poultry Chicken

Chicken dishes vary hugely in style depending on how they are cooked, but you cannot really go wrong with a simple Chardonnay - not too overpowering for the delicate flavour. Or to match the gameyness of the mushrooms choose a fruity red such as a Rioja!



Meat: Slow cooked or Roast Beef

These dishes are some of the few food opportunities for drinking a tannic, powerful wine. The chewy texture of the meat makes tannins more supple, so this is the occasion to have a big Red such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Malbec.



Meat: Pork

A low tannin Red often works best with Pork as it is usually quite fatty, because tannin clashes with fat.  Also fatty foods need wines with noticeable acidity to help cleanse the palate. So an Italian red with crunchy acidity will be the ideal partner!



Meat: Slow Cooked Lamb

It’s true that lamb is one of the most wine-friendly of meats, as at home with red Bordeaux & Rioja as it is with the more fruit driven varietals from the new world. But if you’re looking for a spot-on match it’s worth thinking just how - and for how long - you’re going to cook it. So for a slow cooked shoulder of lamb, a fattier and flavourful dish, I would recommend a slightly gamey Regional French or Spanish red such as a Rioja.



Wedding Cake

Wines that work well with Wedding Cake need well defined flavours, medium sweetness & firm acidity. Alcohol levels don’t seem to matter too much, with the more successful wines falling between 13 and 19%. Light, fortified sweet red wines are particularly suited for Chocolate desserts as they are packed with rich, red fruit characters with hints of chocolate.


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