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Useful information for Crear Wedding Guests


Outdoor Ceremonies

Please bring sensible shoes, boots & warm outer clothes for marriage ceremonies planned for the beach or outside at Crear House.

Kick off the Heels & Pop on your Flats

Bring your flat shoes for dancing to protect your toes. At all the best weddings wine glasses get broken & wee shards of glass may be on the floor. 

Food & Drink

Please advise your host & hostess if you have any allergies & intolerances. Should you have any concerns on the day, please speak to us directly & the chefs would be delighted to advise. 

Crear Weddings finish at mid-night & the Crear Wedding buses depart shortly afterwards.

Should you feel that you may wish to leave earlier in the evening, please pre-book a taxi. 

A torch to see your way in the dark is helpful.

Mobile phone coverage is limited, so please do not rely on receiving a signal. A landline is provided at Crear House should you need to call out. If you require to be contactable urgently, please give the Crear office number & a message will be sent out of hours. 01880 770369.

We all look forward to welcoming you to Crear.

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